Safety Inspection Near Me

Safety Inspection Near Me

As many know, there are more than 200,000 small businesses that are destroyed annually by fires or by other faults in buildings. That is why you need a safety inspection near me. An inspection from a professional who knows what they’re doing will help you keep things safe, avoid costly repairs, and save you money in the long run. City rite real estate inspection has such professionals. We perform safety inspections near me with proper types of equipment and the latest methods. So you can be safe from any dangerous situations.

Checklist for safety inspections

A safety inspection is an on-site walkthrough of the building to look for any potential safety threats for its demands quick action if a hazard is identified. It is carried out by our competent worker who has the appropriate training and knowledge of applicable regulations, standards, and procedures. It has a checklist that includes

  • Fire Evacuation maps, that cover all fire exits
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Fire extinguishers inspection
  • Electrical inspection to check any burned out light or wire in an appliance to avoid electrical fires
  • Plumbing inspection to look for any potential leaks
  • Air quality inspection, if there is the presence of carbon monoxide.

Benefits of safety inspection

Safety inspections are also done for property insurance problems. An inspection of safety equipment like Emergency eyewash, shower, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, done by city rite real estate inspection will help you to claim insurance in case of any hazard. New buildings should be inspected within three years of construction completion and all existing buildings should be inspected annually. A safety inspection near me will help you in fixing any potential problems before they become an issue or lead to dangerous situations for you, your family, and the people around you. This inspection can help you in the long run by keeping you and your business safe and secure.


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